Rc Steel Tank Turret and Cannon Homemade EP.4

canon mechanism rc tank

In this video I attached a two-disc sprocket that are driven by 2 bearings and connected by sprockets from the angle grinder and connected to a windshield wiper motor.

The cannon is designed to have both strength and finesse in sight, so a multiple reducer is applied by gears.

For this Rc tank canon mechanism i used this parts:
-2 * discs made on the lathe
-1 * cogwheel
-1 * small cogwheel
-2 * 8 mm bearings attached to the cannon support
-2 * 8 mm screw
-1 * set of angle grinder sprockets + 2 bearings of 8 mm
-1 * 8 mm shaft with 2 * 8 mm bearings
-1 * motor from windshield wipers
-2 * microwave limiters
-2 * diodes on different electronics boards
-5 mm flat strip for supports
-6 mm airsoft pipe

And for the rc tank turret mechanism i use :

-1 cogwheel
-1 steel disc
-1 windshield motor
-1 toothed crown from car
-1 support from 2 mm steel
The rotation of the cannon is slow and fast enough that the target can be targeted with great finesse

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