How to build motor compartment for Rc Heavy Tank EP.5

moor compartment rc tank

This time I will show you in detail how we built the engine compartment for the heavy metal tank. I used a motorcycle gearbox, a few gears, two 24v 250w motors, a few chains, an opel differential with another toothed ring, two car planetary gears, brake and brake discs for each track.The wheels that learn the track are sprockets from the distribution of the ford modeo mk3…

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Rc Steel Tank Turret and Cannon Homemade EP.4

canon mechanism rc tank

In this video I attached a two-disc sprocket that are driven by 2 bearings and connected by sprockets from the angle grinder and connected to a windshield wiper motor. The cannon is designed to have both strength and finesse in sight, so a multiple reducer is applied by gears. For this Rc tank canon mechanism i used this parts:-2 * discs made on the lathe-1 * cogwheel-1…

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Heavy Rc Tank Homemade cannon Update EP.3

steel huge rc tank

In this episode we added several slightly mixed details, including the support of the cannon mechanism, the contacts related to the turret and some updates related to the appearance. In connection with the cannon system we used a motor from the windshield wipers, sprockets from the angle grinder, 8 mm shaft, 8 mm bearings, sprocket that moves the cannon up and down, electric limiters together with two…

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Building canon mechanism with big servo motor windshield EP 2

windshield motor servo

One of the options chosen to move the cannon is by using the h bridge bts970 together with a servomotor and a windscreen wiper motor. It is quite simple on the electrical side, you will see in the video below how the parts change and you synchronize both motors to work like a bigger servomotor that can lift about 50 kg. The most important part to do…

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