Making tracks for rc tank EP.2

How to make tank tracks

In the second part I managed to complete the tracks for my rc tank with all the necessary details.

In the video below I present in more detail the track frame and all its component parts such as:

  • two main wheels (silicone roller wheels) with 8 mm bearings
  • tubes from 8 and 10 mm suspensions with 8 mm spring that slide into each other
  • – caterpillar support wheels from furniture wheels

In this video you will find all about this track for my homemade rc tank :

  • The arms of the caterpillar : 0:39 , from local shop
  • tooth guide and wheel holder 1:00 , made from flat iron band
  • suspension lock pin 2:57 , made from 8-10 mm steel bar
  • suspensions used 1:36 , aluminium 8and 10 mm + 8 mm spring
  • final drive wheels 3:22 , bike sprocket with even number of teeth
  • building the chain track 4:03 , cheap normal bike chain
  • guide teeth on the track 5:09 , guidance similar to that of the bicycle chain
  • manual track tensioner 6:20 , homemade tensioner on metric thread screw
  • painting elements 7:36 , with cheap paint

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